100% of the proceeds support local charities! Free shipping for orders above $75.

Stop them from drowning now!

Please help us spread the message of water safety to save the lives of children in your community.

Every T-Shirt you wear, every conversation you start, can save a live!

100% of the proceeds go to the supported charity.

Altruism: “behavior that benefits others at one’s own expense”.

Sounds simple enough: Do a good deed. Tell your story. Let others help. Repeat. Of the 385 Billion dollars donated to US nonprofits in 2014, 75-90% of it the came from individual donors. But try to increase the scope of your charity to help more people and it gets complicated... Very complicated. And we kept hearing the same questions: Why does doing good have to be so difficult? Why can’t donors see exactly where their donation goes? How can people see their real impact on the causes they support?

That got us thinking…

Make fundraising easier, less expensive and more transparent for charities and accessible and more fun for their donors and corporate sponsors. Most important, give charities an easy way to show donors their impact and help people who want to donate, donate smarter. (See what we did there?)

Donate Smarter...

Eliminates the high cost of donor acquisition, engagement, and retention allowing charities to handle unlimited donors professionally and cost-effectively. We help charities nurture each donor's relationship with a project so the charity can treat all donations, small or large, with equal importance and therefore all donors, with equal respect.

More about your "Wow" experience and less about your wallet

By focusing on the personal impact donors have on a project, we make it more about their "Wow" experience and less about their wallet. Fun tools like Donor Impact Tracking, automatic updates, electronic receipts, P2P pages, Pledge of Support systems allow donors to collaborate with charities and build their relationship over time. As the donor-charity relationship grows the potential for positive impact grows. We are building a community based on individuals making a continuous meaningful positive impact locally, nationally and around the world. Join us!

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